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Maid2Clean International

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Unique Selling Points

  • Low start up costs
  • No staff costs
  • No equipment overheads
  • Flexible working hours
  • Exclusive rights in your area as a franchisor, not just a Franchisee

Welcome to the Maid2Clean Global Website. All the information about becoming an international Master Franchisee or Area Developer is on this site.

Maid2Clean is a management franchise in the domestic cleaning sector. We are expanding on a global scale (initially within the Commonwealth English speaking countries) and seek master franchise licensee owners and area developer franchisee owners to develop the Maid2Clean brand and business in their respective countries.

You would be concerned with the marketing and recruitment of area developer franchisees (as a Master License owner) and the recruitment of Maid2Clean franchisees. Similarly an area developer would be involved in the marketing and recruitment of Maid2clean franchisees.

Your franchisees would be involved with recruiting and vetting cleaners to service the house cleaning needs of clients in the Maid2Clean exclusive trading territory they purchase from you.

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Maid2Clean offers an agency service to its clients. A huge unique selling point not about creating a job (where there is an exchange of time for money) for Master Franchisees or are Developers or Franchisees. In fact the opposite is true. Master Franchise Licensees, Area Developer Franchisees and Maid2Clean franchisees all have the potential to create long term residual income – that could be better than a job or pension!

As the world becomes a smaller place, more and more people are finding heavier demands on their time. Today the pace of life is faster than ever as more and more people go out to work to support the lifestyles they want. Their houses gather dust while they are at work.

The Ideal Option

Many couples do not have the time or inclination to clean and iron when they come home from work, preferring to spend time with their families instead. This is where Maid2Clean comes in to take the hassle out of finding, interviewing, vetting, insurance and replacing a cleaner.

There are many ways for Master Licensees and Area developers to develop Maid2Clean in their country. Similarly a strong unique selling point to prospect franchisees is the flexible ways in which they too can run their agency franchise operations. The Maid2Clean model enables the franchisee to run the business the way they want enabling them the freedom to do the things they enjoy.

Maid2Clean has been providing high quality domestic housekeeping, cleaning & ironing services to thousands of private residential householders for more than 21 years. Core services range from one-off spring-cleans, regular weekly cleans and a finder’s service.

Maid2Clean cleaners are only registered after ain interview and vetting process before being allowed to be introduced to work in our clients' premises.

After years of perfecting the Maid2Clean trading system, we are proud to offer our business package, marketing collateral and knowledge to serious Master Franchise licensees and Area Developers that have a strong desire to start their own business as Maid2Clean Franchisees.

Our comprehensive training will supply you with the appropriate knowledge and management skills to exploit this potential.

Albert Einstein once said: "Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex... It takes a touch of genius – and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction."

Information about Maid2Clean

Maid2Clean is about simplicity, consistency and uniformity of the brand, eliminating unnecessary overheads such as staff costs, equipment costs, cleaning material costs, and transportation costs.

Launched in 1993, Maid2Clean has been established for over 20 years in the UK and was initially franchisedin 2003. Presently in the UK, there are 120+ franchisees trading 160+ territory regions. The brand has been licensed internationally with presence in Ireland and Malta.

A recent example of running the business overseas can be cited from the example set by Mark & Justine Cook. During the summer of 2013, franchisees Mark and Justine purchased a Master License launched their Maid2Clean business in Malta whilst also still trading their 2 territories in the UK; North Manchester and West Cornwall. This demonstrates the flexibility of the business in being able to be run by franchisees in different locations.

Presently we are looking for the suitable candidates to offer our unique franchise brand offering on an international level. Maid2Clean has suitable opportunities for Area Developers and master Franchisees throughout the world.

Here is our corporate video for your perusal:

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