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Maid2Clean Area Developer Licences in Malaysia

Thank you for your interest in a Maid2Clean Area Developer License for Malaysia.

Maid2Clean is not a traditional cleaning Franchise. It is a unique management agency concept in the domestic cleaning services sector. Franchisees are paid by domestic cleaning clients for six services.

The Area Developer Licensee will gain access to the proven Maid2Clean franchise program that they will adapt to their country. The Area Developer franchise owner will recruit and award franchises within the geographic areas designated in their Area Developer franchise license, to individuals looking to run their own local Maid2Clean cleaning agency in Malaysia.

The Area Developer License investment will be based on the size of the territory taken I.E. the number of potential Franchise licenses within the geographical Area Developer Franchise area allocated. Fees will take the form of initial up-front payment and thereafter an ongoing royalty to be agreed between Maid2Clean and the Area Developer Franchisor.

The Area Developer Franchisor will need to bear the costs of localising the franchise package including the Operations Manual. The royalty from the Franchisee in Malaysia to the Area Developer Licensee is a fixed monthly fee from month 12. We may consider a Joint Venture (JV) in the right circumstances also.

The Area Developer Franchisee will be allowed to open or resell as many franchises as desired within the Area Developer franchise area.

As an Area Developer Franchisor you would be the licensee of the Malaysia market and would be responsible for managing both your own Maid2Clean Cleaning Agency operation alongside selling Franchise licenses to prospect franchisees. These are two separate skill sets.

Essential Qualities and Skills you will need to become an Area Developer Licensee are:

• Successful background in business
• Strong ethics
• Good communicator (Malaysia) in verbal and written form
• Articulate, tenacious & hard working
• Possesses the financial capability and resources to recruit and support local franchisees
• Previous experience in developing and managing businesses.
• The ability and resources to build the Maid2Clean Brand
• Ability to run a pilot system for the network
• Ability to work alone and lead a team
• Sales experience
• Enthusiasm for and ability to fully participate in the continuous improvement of Maid2Clean’s operational systems
• Good interpersonal, influencing and social skills
• Entrepreneurial spirit
• Accustomed to business environments and dealing with professionals and business people alike

Ideal qualities and skills that you will have are:

• Previous experience in franchising
• Strong sales experience
• Pioneering, entrepreneurial and enjoy being the first to market
• Industry knowledge

Please contact us if you wish to find out more information regarding the cost model. .

Maid2Clean is seeking a long term player with strong managerial and commercial acumen.

You will have the experience of running your own business and developing a network of franchisees. You will need the ability to localize the Maid2Clean UK franchise package to work within the Malaysia market.

Maid2Clean is NOT seeking for single unit franchisees at this stage. If you believe you possess all the attributes needed to develop the Maid2Clean brand in Malaysia, we would be interested in speaking to you.

The demand for the service is virtually recession-proof as more couples go out to work. These busy people are grateful recipients of the Maid2Clean agency service. The Maid2Clean business is already a proven concept since 1993, with high profit margins and increasing customer demand. Houses gather dust no matter how the economy performs and demand for the service and franchise licenses remains strong, even in recessional times.

The domestic services cleaning sector has grown exponentially over the last 20 years as more and more couples go out to work to service the life styles they desire. There is no cleaning involved by franchisees or Area Developer License holders – both are managerial positions. As an Area Developer Licensee (Franchisor), you would be well positioned to harness the power of the brand and grow a substantial franchise operation in Malaysia.

The Maid2Clean Area Developer Franchise opportunity provides you with many advantages such as:

• Exclusive rights in your area as a franchisor, not just a Franchisee
• Satisfaction in knowing you are helping others grow their businesses as their residential
Cleaners provide a much needed service
• Low total investment compared to other Area Developer License concepts
• Flexible working hours

To Maid2Clean, the ability to use business experience outweighs specific industry knowledge. That said Area Developer Franchisor Applicants must possess certain attributes and if demonstrated, the Area Developer License Package would grant you the exclusive development rights to operate the Maid2Clean Franchise system in your agreed region.

If the proposed territory above is too large then we would need to discuss whether the Northern Malaysia states would be a consideration. In the meantime I am sure you will study the numbers.

In advance of meeting I would be grateful if you would answer the following questions as your answers will enable me to understand your capabilities, knowledge and sincerity regarding your interest in an Area Developer License.


1. Please provide your CV, stating last 10 years employment history, education, and other relevant experience.

3. Please specify any direct franchise experience.

4. Please specify direct or indirect experience in Franchising in the Domestic.


Please state 3 findings from your research in this Malaysia services sector.




1. What is the population of your desired Area Developer License?

2. Please give the names and turnover of the businesses you would regard as the 5 biggest competitors to a Maid2Clean Franchise:-


1. To what extent will the Government of Malaysia encourage growth of your Area Development?

2. Are there are any restrictions on remitting funds to the UK from Malaysia?

3. Is there any withholding tax on royalties to be remitted abroad? Is there a double taxation treaty between the UK and Malaysia?

4. Are there any restrictions on importing franchises into Malaysia?


1. Does Malaysia law allow restraints against in term and post term competition?

2. Does Malaysia law allow the protection of Trade Marks and other intellectual property?

3. Does Malaysia competition law allow you to separate the country into territories and to forbid franchisees to trade outside them and, consequently, to stop franchisees trading in each other’s territories.

4. Are there any special franchise laws in Malaysia particularly as regards disclosure of information to prospective franchisees?

I look forward to hearing from you anon. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. I can be contacted by Skype (maid2clean) or directly on +44 1270 820200.

Yours most sincerely

Mike Hanrahan


Telephone 0044 1270 820200 or (skype maid2clean)

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