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Maid2Clean Master Franchise Licences in New Zealand

Master Franchise Opportunities

Maid2Clean is ready to launch in New Zealand and is seeking the ideal candidate to purchase a Master License.

Maid2Clean is currently the leading UK management franchise in the domestic cleaning sector which presently has over 120 franchisees and provides work for more than 9,000 cleaners in the UK. As well as the UK, Maid2Clean also has presence in Ireland, Malaysia, and Australia and is now looking to break into the New Zealand market.

Maid2Clean was launched in 1993 and20 years later the demand for the domestic service is still very strong as more and more people are going out to work, people now have less time to spend cleaning their homes. With high profit margins and low running costs, the business is going from strength to strength despite the current economic downfall.

The franchisees or Master License holders do not clean– this is a managerial position. It is your responsibility for recruiting quality local cleaning staff and as a Master licensee (franchisor), you would be responsible to grow the brand and a successful franchise operation in New Zealand.

What is a Master Franchise?

A Master franchise is where a franchise businesses that has a proven system in one country (E.G. Maid2Clean in the UK) gives others the opportunity to purchase a license for its brand in another country (e.g. New Zealand).

As the Master Franchisor you would be the licensee of the New Zealand market and responsible for managing both your own Maid2Clean Cleaning operation alongside selling Franchise licenses to prospect franchisees.

Who are we looking for?

The ideal candidate will possess a strong managerial and commercial acumen along with the experience of running your own business and developing a network of franchisees. Maid2Clean is looking for someone with the ability to localise the Maid2Clean UK franchise package to work within the New Zealand market.

Maid2Clean has a Master Franchise position to enable the successful applicant to offer a unique management agency concept in the domestic cleaning services sector.

Maid2Clean is presently NOT seeking for single unit franchisees at this stage. If you believe you possess all the qualities to develop the Maid2Clean brand in New Zealand we would be very interested in speaking to you.

It is essential that a Master Franchisor Applicants must possess the following attributes:

Essential Qualities and Skills

• Successful background in business
• Strong ethics
• Good communicator (English and New Zealand) in verbal and written form
• Articulate, tenacious & hard working
• Possesses the financial capability and resources to recruit and support local franchisees
• Previous experience in developing and managing businesses.
• The ability and resources to build the Maid2Clean Brand
• Ability to run a pilot system for the network
• Ability to work alone and lead a team
• Sales experience
• Enthusiasm for and ability to fully participate in the continuous improvement of Maid2Clean’s operational systems
• Good interpersonal, influencing and social skills
• Entrepreneurial spirit
• Accustomed to business environments and dealing with professionals and business people alike

Ideal qualities and skills

• Previous experience in franchising
• Strong sales experience
• Pioneering, entrepreneurial and enjoy being the first to market
• Industry knowledge

The Maid2Clean Master License Package

You would be granted the exclusive development rights to operate the Maid2Clean Franchise system in your agreed region.

The Master Licensee will gain access to the proven Maid2Clean franchise program in which they must adapt to their country. The master franchise owner will recruit and award franchises within the geographic areas designated in their master franchise license to individuals looking to run their own local Maid2Clean cleaning agency in New Zealand.

There will be no need to invest in New Zealand premises, cleaning products or liveried vehicles because this is not the way the Maid2Clean brand operates. The franchisee’s agency business can be run from a small office or home and the business can also be run from home.

Our Master Franchisees are International Master Franchise Owners. They will receive the following with their Maid2clean Master License:

• Launch Program in New Zealand
• The rights to sell Maid2Clean Franchise Licenses throughout their New Zealand Master Territory.
• The rights to use the Maid2Clean trademarks, service marks and other commercial symbols.
• The know-how to develop franchisees businesses countrywide
• Interfacing with Maid2Clean in the UK for ongoing support, training and business development
• Developing a National Account Program for franchisees
• The know-how of how to create brand awareness in New Zealand
• The knowledge of how to create strong margins with repeat customers
• The support and back up of an experienced senior management team
• Our highly distinguished brand name (we do what is says on the tin!)
• A brand recognized for quality and a commitment to service.
• A protected, exclusive and generous Master territory license
• Maid2Clean proprietary systems and methods for localization and use in New Zealand
• Online knowledge base
• A proven business model since 1993


The investment will be based on the size of the Master License territory taken. This will involve studying the number of potential Franchise licenses within the geographical Master Franchise area allocated. Fees will take the form of initial up-front payment and thereafter an ongoing royalty to be agreed between Maid2Clean and the Master Franchisor.

The master Franchisor will need to bear the costs of localizing the franchise package including the Operations Manual. The royalty is a fixed monthly fee.

We would split the initial franchise fees on each franchisee recruited 50/50, and royalties on each franchisee would be split 75/25 in the Master franchisees favor.

The master franchisee would then be allowed to open or resell as many franchises as desired within the master franchise area.

Training & Support

• Comprehensive training in the UK & in New Zealand
• Business management knowledge for successful Maid2Clean franchise operations, including day-to-day operations, franchise system support, and franchise growth
• Sales and marketing training and support
• existing infrastructure to support your role as a Master Franchisee of our brand in your country
profiling knowledge to help obtain strong franchise candidates
• Initial and on-going assistance in managing a thriving franchise system
• Knowledge and ethos behind the Maid2Clean trademarked ‘Sweep2Left’ system-wide best-practices
• Management support through our Master Support Team
• Operations support through on-site visit, telephone and online computer assistance
• IT Systems assistance
• Administrative functions
• Billing system
• Regular franchise business Consultation
• Business reviews and analysis
• Marketing input
• Franchise product development
• PR help
• Initial training in the UK with visit to franchisee locations
• Operations manual for localisation
• Technical support hot line
• The support you need with expertise, best practices and knowledge of the franchise. You simply localise the package.
• Help with opening your Master Franchise
• Advice in adapting the Maid2Clean System to your local culture and economy

Advantages of a Maid2Clean Master License

The Maid2Clean Master Franchise opportunity provides you with many advantages such as:

• Exclusive rights in your area as a franchisor, not just a Franchisee
• Satisfaction in knowing you are helping others grow their businesses as their residential cleaners provide a much needed service
• Low total investment compared to other Master License concepts
• Flexible working hours

Small inventory

• Minimal staffing requirements
• Make money upfront – from every franchise awarded in your area
• Residual income
• Booming industry that’s still in its infancy and poised for growth
• Unique proprietary systems that allow YOU (and each franchisee under you) to build a business that can eventually run without you
• Training and support
• Prestigious white collar franchise business
• Become a part of a business culture with values that is rare to find in this day and age
• Recession-resistant industry

If you would like to discuss this unique opportunity for the New Zealand market the next step would be to send your CV to Mike Hanrahan at